Recipe names are included in the (table of contents). Story format names are listed matching those in the folder including the version designed for in parentheses if notable and point to their markdown files.

Structure Example

* Example
    * [Harlowe](example/harlowe/
    * [SugarCube](example/sugarcube/
    * [Snowman](example/snowman/
    * [Sugarcane (1.4.2)](example/sugarcane/


Each root folder is named after the recipe. Inside this folder is one with the name of each story format supported. Inside each of these is a minimum of three files: the markdown file, the compiled HTML, and its twee notation.

File names use underscores whenever possible for spaces to differentiate between the examples of the recipe for other story formats within the same root folder.

Layout Example

|    harlowe
|    |
|    |        harlowe_chickendance_example.html
|    |        harlowe_chickendance_twee.txt
|    sugarcube
|    |
|    |        sugarcube_chickendance_example.html
|    |        sugarcube_chickendance_twee.txt

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