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An error occurred while opening your game

Hi there,

I'm pretty new to Twine and have been making a fairly simple game just for fun mostly.

When I went to work on it today though the program refused to open and showed this error message.

An error occurred while opening your game.

Traceback (Most recent call last);

File "", line 103, in open
File "pickle.pyo", line 1378, in load
File "pickle.pyo", line 858, in load

KeyError: '\x00'

What exactly does that mean? More importantly is there anyway of recovering my file? Finally is there anyway to avoid this in the future (other than archive saving)?

Any help or advice would be appreciated!


  • I have the same problem. My computer locked up spectacularly and I had to hard-shutdown
    Now, I can't open the file
    Identical error code.
    Running windows 8.1
  • Generally it means that the file has been corrupted and Twine is having problems understanding the data inside it. Would you be willing to upload a copy of your TWS file somewhere and supply me a link to it, so I can have a look at it and see if any of the data inside the file is recoverable?
  • I had the same problem. Keyword: Had.

    How to fix it:

    This is to assume that you upgraded your story format. Most likely Sugarcube. If possible, you need to downgrade to an earlier version of Sugarcube. Most likely before the version before yours. IF this doesn't work. Then I would go with Greyelf's suggestion.

    Hope this helps.
  • "It's too late for me! Save yourself!"
    I opened 'game 1.tws' in notepad to be greeted by a blank screen... nothing there at all!
    I tried another file and that was full of... well, my story...
    It looks like when my PC took a dive, it took the whole thing with it!
    Thank the internet for Dropbox! I was able to recover a previous file and only lost about half an hour of work.
    I'm sorry to say, I can't offer any help in the fixing of something that's gone down, but implore others to use dropbox to back up files
  • zededd wrote: »
    ...but implore others to use dropbox to back up files
    You don't need to use Dropbox to backup files, you just need to make periodical copies of your story project TWS file and save them somewhere else like any of the following:

    a. On your other hard-drive if you have more than one in your machine.
    b. On an external hard-drive or USB drive.
    c. On a memory card.
    d. Upload to a file hosting site like Dropbox.

    1. remember that if you have no internet access then you have no access to your backups which is not the case if you are using points a/b/c.
    2. If you build story HTML files periodically then you can use these to recreate a story project file.
  • I'd love to do that... but I don't have enough space for one copy of all the files I have, let alone two
  • edited December 2015
    zededd wrote: »
    I'd love to do that... but I don't have enough space for one copy of all the files I have, let alone two
    I did include three external media storage devices in my list of options, which can be used in the situations where your main storage is limited . *smile*
  • not to brag... but I think five external hard-drives is a good number... but we're getting a little off-track...
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