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New Game (first game): A Bucket Filled With Sand.

This was just supposed to be a very short project to get used to using Twine, but it ended up getting a little bigger than planned. I have a background in illustration and I think you may just be able to pick up on this fact (that's also a big part of why it ended up taking as long as it did, simple and pixelly though the art is). Wanting to add illustrations is also why I ended up building this in 1.4.

This is the story's page over at IFBD (the game itself is hosted by


  • (post mortem)

    Admittedly I'm not an experienced writer, so this does have problems in that regard most of which are things I'll hopefully just get better as I do more (prose being a bit flat and overly minimal, even for something with drawings), but also things I have learnt by writing this game (the more rewarding images are mostly within the more...dickish, story threads, and playing nice shouldn't end up being less rewarding, ideally these are all equal, so I need to keep an eye on that in future).

    However something I'd really really like to improve next time is the visuals, you can clearly see all the Sugarcube defaults underneath this even if I have played with the colours some what. I'm currently working on something in Jonah and whilst it looks a bit better so far (mostly because that format just happens to fit with what I'm writing) it's still obviously reliant on the default to a much greater extent than many other Twine games I've seen.
    Can anyone suggest any tutorials/guides/etc for Twine with have more of an aesthetic focus? It's something I'd really like to work on improving so any help with that would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!
  • Well, I liked your game. It didn't have a lot of text, but got across the power of imagination very well, in just a few words. The prose was minimal, but that wasn't even a bad thing--it felt like a short fable. Look forward to more from you!
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