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Dim Spirits alpha v.0.2.4

edited October 2015 in Workshop
Hey all!

I've updated my game based on some playtests with my friends. People had problems with the combat system being too obtuse so I revamped it. Combat should flow better now and grinding shouldn't feel too tiring.
The leveling up system was a bore as well so I streamlined everything into levels which the player invests in. Each level naturally raises player stats and grants the player an extra investment in either Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence. Finally I fixed a couple of bugs that people have found. You shouldn't get stuck in the graveyard training site anymore!

You can play it here.

This is still a mostly combat focused demo where you're supposed to keep going forwards and fight enemies.
Magic system(damaging and buffing) is still in the works and so is the potion system.

Like before, Feedback would be AWESOME especially on difficulty curve and on the general feeling of the game. Like if you felt bored or if there were specific parts that interested you. What felt fun and what didn't. And if you can, just stress test it in general.
There's probably still a ton of bugs in the game. So please if you can just point them out.
And if you're the type to dig around source codes I have attached the archived project file so you can check it out. It would be cool if you can tell me how to optimize my code if you're twine savvy.

Sorry for the wall of text, tl;dr I would really appreciate if someone would take a look at it and give feedback! Thanks!
Also, I tried to edit the previous post but I got a "Page not found" error, so I started a new one for this update.
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