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New to Twine and programing.

Ive gone over most of the stuff I could find on Twines home page but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

I have an idea for a management game, Starting off as a single person and starting a village and getting more people. (New buildings and such doing different things.) And then creating a story around the progression of building that village with the people that come to it. (No complex battle systems, or complex invintory systems.) mostly just a barebones management system and maybe a random npc generator, and a type of random event thing.

Thats my idea, but I don't exactly know how to go about this, Where to find information to learn how to code things like that successfully.

(I tried using the search bar to no success, and I have 0 coding experience.)

If anyone can point me in the right direction to start learning about those core concepts I would be forever thankful.


  • Hi!

    I am not good at Twine yet, so I'll wait for the cool kids to chime in and help.
    In the meanwhile, perhaps these guides can be helpful, at least to get an idea of what you can do, and how.

    This is by Nate.

    This is by prof_yaffle

    I'd suggest you also look at what kind of story format you would like to use, so you can ask for more specific help once you have decided.
  • I was looking at sugarcube mostly because it had a built in save, and it looked like most content I was finding on the net would work for it.
  • I would start with reading the Twine 2 Guide, which teaches the basics of using the Twine application itself.

    I would then take a quick look at the Twine Index and Tips and Tricks sections of the wiki. Although they are both written for Twine 1 much of their content is still relevant for the SugarCube story format.

    Finally (and most importantly) I would get to know the features of the SugarCube story format. Both the SugarCube 1 documentation and the SugarCube 2 documentation are well written and includes many examples. As an added bonus the Developer (TheMadExile) of the story format is a regular visitor to these forums.

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