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imaginary games from imaginary universes (an interactive fiction jam)

I've posted about this at a few other forums, but I thought all of you in particular might be interested in this.


Phase 1: Write a set of reviews for five games that do not (and possibly, cannot) exist in our universe. Send the list to my email (at link below) by December 13th, midnight EST.

Phase 2: You will receive a randomized list of five imaginary games created by other participants in the jam. You are to pick one (or more) and make

a sequel
a prequel
a fan fiction
a critical response game
a sidequel
a remake
a demake
a parody
an artifact of some genre category never before seen by humans
or if you are feeling bold and it is even practical, duplicate the game as described.

Send a link to your creation to my email by February 7th, midnight EST.

Phase 3: Games / works / strange shining artifacts will be shared to the authors (not yet to the public) at which point the next phase will begin. In lieu of scores and ranking, you will be given a list of 3 other works to either review or make some other sort of response to. This response can be textual, audiovisual, a card game which reveals your criticisms through play, directions for interpretive dance, whatever you like. You are welcome to respond to more than 3.

On February 24th, all works will be uploaded to if-archive for public enjoyment.

Phase 4: All responses (to the largest extent possible), along with excerpts from the original works chosen by the authors, will be compiled in a physical book. (To be published off, unless there is some better choice decided before then.)


The link includes more detail and some example reviews of imaginary games.

Please let me know if you have questions!


  • Wouldn't a digital book make more sense - you'd be able to explore the stuff interactively then. The best you'd got for making a physical book out of most twine games would be disappointing.
  • There's going to be a digital package with everything, but there's going to be too many platforms involved (parser games, Ren'Py executables, etc.) to make a "book" out of the games themselves.

    The book is intended mainly to catalog the responses (I expect mostly reviews, but people are welcome to go crazy) and generally have a little celebration piece that people can get as a physical object to commemorate the experience.
  • Reminder: the deadline for this is coming soon! (On the 13th, midnight EST.) If you're interested, get your imaginary game reviews in!
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