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Slowing down

edited April 2016 in Help! with 1.x
In Twine 1.4.2, the size of my story seem to cause the slow-downs when scrolling.
This had me thinking: What effect does bigger game files have?

Most importantly, is there a limit to how much data twine can cop with?


  • Scrolling the Story Map will start to slow down the more passages you have. You can break up your project across multiple TWS files (on parent TWS and many child TWS files) and use a StoryIncludes special in the parent TWS file to include the child TWS files.

    You build your story HTML from the parent TWS file.

    If your total Twine project (including both the parent and child TWS files) gets too large then the Twine application will fail with an out of memory error when building your story HTML file. The exact point when this starts occurring is not known but it can happen once your project reaches between 50-80MBs.

    This generally happens to projects that embed a lot of images at which point you need to switch to using externally stored images, which is a good practice to do instead of embedding images in the first place.
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