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Sugarcube 2 publishing game on Itch zip file problem

edited August 2016 in Help! with 1.x

So I'm attempting to publish my game made with sugarcube 2 on When I upload the zip file (as it says to) containing my game's file named index.html and it's sound effect, for some reason when played in browser, the game doesn't start at it's designated start passage. Instead it starts at the passage after the designated start passage. I don't know if this is an problem, or something within my game.

When I upload my game as a straight html file for download it works perfect fine. However, I would prefer to have it playable in browser with all the sound effects packaged with the game.




  • Do you have a link?
  • a link to what?
  • Allie_A19 wrote: »
    a link to what?
    A link to your game on so that one of us can have a look at it to try and determine why it does not play correctly.
  • ........


    As I went to get the link for you, I discovered that it's working now.

    It end ups, if you go from the "edit game" tab right into your game by clicking "view page" at the bottom of that page, it will start your twine game at the wrong point (in my case, two passages off from the actual start passage). However, if I go into the game from my dashboard or use the URL it works somewhat fine.

    here's the link. let me know what you see.

  • I think I might have figured it out. I'm on chrome, and I think it was automatically saving where I was in my game. I cleared my history/cache and it worked as it should.
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