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Twine 1.4 released

Really! Leon Arnott shepherded this release to fruition, and I'm very grateful for his efforts. Release notes are here:


  • Reading the list of changes brought a big smile to my face, it's going to make my life soooo much easier. Thank you to everyone who contributed!
  • [quote]Also, you can write [[link text|passage name][$var = value]] to make a passage or external link that changes a variable when it's followed! The code section is treated as if it were arguments to a set macro.

    That's huge. It was number one at the top of my list of features I wanted included.
  • Wait, 1.4 doesn't include <<textinput>>? That's kinda a big thing for me since all four of my games in progress allow the player to name their character.

    This isn't a complaint. I understand the Twine code is forked like crazy and I'm glad there's a new official version.

    As great as some of the improvements are, for now, I'm going to stick with either the 1.3.6 alpha Philip Sutton or Stormrose posted (201205051646 or 201301282147), especially since there is also some weird stuff going on with how things are displaying with some of the Glorious Trainwreck stylesheets. (EDIT: I think the only issue now is with links; it was just really wild with one of the GT stylesheets.)

    EDIT: My stylesheet has a few minor issues, mainly a:link {color:#00FF00 !important; text-decoration:underline;} displays blue when it should be lime.

    EDIT x2:  HarmlessTrouble wrote a <<textinpput>> macro for 1.3.5, so that takes care of that. I think the only issue I'm seeing is with how custom CSS links are displayed. I'm sure someone will be along to take care of that as well.
  • The CSS rule for styling links in all story formats was changed from "a.internalLink,a.externalLink" to ".passage a". This was done for one major reason: a vast number of people were using HTML links "<a href="">"; instead of proper external links "[[link text|]]"; and the former links were appearing as unstyled dark-blue-on-black links in Sugarcane. To mitigate this problem, I changed the rule to guarantee that even people unaware of the external link syntax would receive properly styled links. (It also has the intended side-effect of making other links created by macros (such as <<choice>> or <<return>>) not require the author to supply extra rules to re-style them.)

    But, ".passage a" should have identical specificity to both "a.internalLink" and your own "a:link", so if you're having a problem with that, hmm, that might indeed indicate a problem of some sort.

    EDIT: Could you tell me which one of my GT stylesheets isn't interacting correctly with 1.4?
  • I've only played a little with 1.3.5 (haven't even released a complete game from it yet), but I'm really appreciating some of these features in 1.4, since it saves me the trouble of adding in certain macros.
  • Two finals tomorrow in six hours. Will post game files when I get a chance. Like I say in edit #2, no GT problems, just issues with links.

    BTW, love GT.

  • I finally had a chance to play around with the new system.  It is awesome. 

    I had a JonahPlus format that had more control over passage display behavior and could switch between Jonah and Sugarcane on the fly.  (a stepping stone to Sisal)  I'll start over with the new format and try again. 

    Seriously though these changes are amazing.
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