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Cannot open story in 1.4.2 (An error occurred while opening your story)


Sorry if the fix for this is obvious, as I have little clue about this program- but I tried looking through similar posts with this problem and I couldn't figure out a way to solve it.

When I try to open my tws file, it says "An error occurred while opening your story", goes through the tracebacks and ends in "EOFError". I checked the file and it's as large as it should be, so the data still seems to be there.

I'm just using plain sugarcane- any suggestions? I have a backup of the file that opens no problem, but it's a few days old and I'd rather not have to re-do all that work. I'll attach the problem file below.



  • edited March 2017
    You are embedding images within your story project TWS file and somehow the data for the last image is followed by a large number of NULL characters. This (and maybe other) corruption is stopping the application loading the file.

    I don't know of a simple way to find and fix any corruption in the file so you may have to use your older backup.

    WARNING: If you are planing to have more than 50MB-100MB's (in total) of images in your story then you should not embed then within the project, because there is a limitation on the story HTML file build process which will cause it to run out of memory. In this case you will need to store the image files external to project. The Error building story thread touches on this limitation.
  • Thank you for the advice- I'll look into storing the images elsewhere.
    Mercifully I didn't lose very much work in the end!
  • mpsenguin wrote: »
    I'll look into storing the images elsewhere.
    The images can be stored local to the story HTML file, either in the same folder as the story HTML or within a sub-folder.

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