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looking for writing partner(s) for espionage game

I'm working on an espionage-themed game called Affinity in a modified version of twine. Eventually, the goal is to make it multiplayer. I have a partner working on the code side of things (he's already added pop-ups to text). We're currently working on a proof-of-concept single-player demo to demonstrate the style and gameplay possibilities.

The main idea of the game is to "gamify" elements like dialogue and make them more competitive, skill-based, and fun, as most RPGs do for combat. The emphasis is on spycraft (passing notes, tailing marks, casing locations, feigning identities, etc) rather than violence, although there are weapons and combat-based skills. There is a unique personality-based attribute system based around the following traits and skills: extraversion (charisma, intimidation, deception), introversion (discipline, bravery, caution), physicality (strength, agility, fine motor), and perceptiveness (people sense, environmental observation, intuition). The setting is amalgam Western 50s-70s illiberal democracy in the middle of a cold war between superpowers.

You can see a very early example (which ends in dead ends) <a href="">here</a>. There are many mechanics that haven't been added yet - this is just the skeleton of the demo beginning. Right now I'm designing an inventory and documents HUD that will stay up as you progress through passages.

Development is mostly bottlenecked at the writing. I can do a lot with the tools I already have, but 10-15 hours a week (what I'm able to do now) isn't progressing it as quickly as it could.

I am looking for someone(s) who are interested in the premise of the game and would like to help with writing content. Some of the writing is plot/characterization/dialogue-thick and some of it is just lists of nouns and verbs and descriptors for randomized elements. Some of the work involves testing the game and correcting errors.

Many mechanics are still being developed, so if you have an interest in that side of game design, that's great too, but what I'm mainly looking for is writing help. To be clear, there's no money involved, but if you want to talk about drawing up an agreement about what we do if anything ever happens in terms of funding, that's fine with me. I'm really hoping to find someone who is captivated by the idea and is excited to work on it.

The code I'm using is very basic javascript stuff and doesn't require any special background. Experience writing some kind of fiction or screenwriting is important. I might ask you to write a short descriptive passage and/or some dialogue to make sure we're on the same page, but nothing long. Emphasis is on short, punchy dialogue and quick, evocative descriptions, with occasional dashes of wry observational humor (which is why I mentioned screenwriting).

<a href="">This</a>; is the (pretty outdated) public sub for the game. I can invite you to the development sub if you're interested in reading more about it.

Thanks for reading! Please comment here or PM me if you have any questions or would like to speak more.

This was also posted on the reddit Twine sub:


  • Wow, that's very cool. Do you still need partners for your game?
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