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making new link appear; harlowe 2

i feel like i'm missing something obvious here, but anyway: i'm trying to set up a passage so that a new link will appear after clicking the three links in the passage.

right now i have

(if: (history:) contains "ball") s4

(just to test if it'd work with one link) but the link is appearing before the link is clicked. help would be appreciated, i'm gonna keep fiddling as well.



  • You could setup a variable like $showLink that initially has a value of "0" and then set each of the three links to append a number to the variable when the link it clicked:
    (set: $showLink to $showLink + 1)

    The create an if statement for the fourth link:
    (if: $showLink is 3)
    …fourth link…

    This is all very high level, though, so if you need more guidance, let us know!
  • You're missing the final set of brackets that links the passage to the macro.

    (if: (history:) contains "ball") s4]

    Harlowe macros are of the format ()[]
  • timsamoff & Claretta - thanks!

    i got it to work for just "ball" with the extra bracket (i knew i was missing something simple, haha) - how would i set that up to work for multiple links in that case? "ball" + "x" + "y" ?

    i'll try to see if i can figure out the $showLink method as well!
  • edited May 2015
    I believe you'd just write something like (if: (history:) contains "ball" and "x" and "y") s4]
  • hm. it seems to still only connect with "ball" - no matter what order i go in it'll only show up once ball has been clicked (even if it's first w/o clicking the other two)
  • Then try:

    (if: (history:) contains "ball" and (history:) contains "x" and (history:) contains "y") s4]
  • that did it! thank you so much! :)
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