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Harlowe not displaying anything on Android 2.3 browser

Hello, I just found out that my game wit the Harlowe format appears as a blank page in my phone (LG Optimus One, Android 2.3). Anyone knows about this and have some workaround? I haven't changed the format really, just very little CSS enhancements.

I know it's only small portion of people using this old device, but if there was some easy fix, I would be greatful!


  • I’ve been getting reports back from Android users as well: So far, the main complaint is that they see the game, but when they click on a link, nothing happens. One user went back to try again at a later time and did get it to work, though.
  • Which web-browser (brand, version) are they using on the LG Optimus One?
  • I am using the default web browser, it's called "Browser" and the version is 2.3.3. It displays most of the pages correctly, but I think it doesn't know some CSS3/HTML 5 stuff too good, and also doesn't display any SVG images. I looked into the code and I suspect that the special "tw" non-html elements might be the reason, but I really have no idea, how does that work, especially on this legacy software.
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