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How do I connect the story boxes and turn it into a game? Ask a question so the story moves.

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Type the choices in two square brackets.  Like this:

Two roads diverge in a yellow wood.  Do you want to go [[left]] or [[right]]?

Twine will automatically make new story boxes for you.

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A little more detail:

a. Each of the things you are calling "story boxes" are known as a Passage.

b. You can 'connect' two of those passages together using a link.

c. Each story format can contain a number of different link types, but all story formats support the standard Markup Based Link. There is an advance version of the markup based link type which is know as a Setter Link but only SugarCube currently supports it.

d. The standard Markup Based Link can be used in a number of different formats depending on exactly what you want to do with it:

[[The Link Text and the target Passage Name are the same]]

[[The Link Text|And the target Passage Name are different]] (SugarCube syntax)

[[The Link Text->And the target Passage Name are different]] (Harlowe syntax)
[[The target Passage Name<-And the Link Text are different]] (Harlowe syntax)

e. All story formats support both the SugarCube syntax and the Harlowe syntax.

f. It is generally not a good idea to use punctuation characters (like ' " ! . ) within a Passage Name as those characters can have special meaning in HTML/Javascript, and strange things can happen.
You can use those characters within the Link Text part of a markup link.