Is there a way for me to have multiple, seperate options that have the same name?

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asked Jul 5 by Foil767 (130 points)
For example, earlier on in the story, I gave the reader the option to [[Look around]]. But, later on, I wanted to give them that same option. But, when I type [[Look around]] in the later point, it just brings me back to the first page. What do I do?

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answered Jul 5 by JoshGrams (1,020 points)

You can have text that is different from the passage name, so you could do things like:

[[Look around->kitchen detail]]
[[Look around->living room detail]]

You can also have the arrows pointing the other way (passage name first, then text).  Have a look at the Harlowe documentation for links...

Does that solve your problem, or is it more complicated than that?

commented Jul 6 by Foil767 (130 points)
I can't currently check, but I'm pretty sure this does it. Thanks for the help!
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answered Jul 7 by Deadshot (3,300 points)
JoshGrams' solution works, but you could also use the (link:) macro.
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