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I am using the code the below code in the edit style sheet section. The passage colour and the link colour is changing, however the background colour isn't changing from black. Is there something I am doing wrong that I am just not seeing?

Thank you!


body {background-color: #F5EE20;} tw-passage {color: #5B99FF; } tw-link { color: #D414E8; }

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You should tell us the story format in the future. If the links are working, then it's some version of Harlowe.

Use the tw-story selector, not body for Harlowe 2. In Harlowe 1, use html.
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That's right. Also, in future, could you please use the code snippet button?
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Yes, I am using Harlowe 2. Sorry I didn't include it, still getting used to the whole coding thing :)  


Thanks heaps for your help!