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Hello everyone!

I have a question: Is it possible to add more points to the UI bar like a credits button or "more infos" button or contact button or so? The user can pop up the UI bar and then click on "more infos" and will then see more infos. Is that possible?

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Yes, that can be done.

The story format SugarCube v2 recognizes several special passage names which can be used to add entries to the UI sidebar. They start with the prefix "Story" and are documented in the SugarCube v2 documentation at http://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/docs/ See, for example, the documentation for the passages StoryCaption and StoryMenu at http://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/docs/#special-passage-storycaption and http://www.motoslave.net/sugarcube/2/docs/#special-passage-storymenu

Briefly, the passage named StoryCaption can contain any valid passage coding while the passsage named StoryMenu should contain only links.
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