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Using Twine 2.2.1 and Sugarcube 2.27.0


I've used coding from a source which allows me to incease time by simply using the code <<addhours 1>> to pass time by one hour. Some options in the game are only open at certain times so if you get to a location early you'll need to be able to wait. I want it so you can click a button/link that says 'wait' and all that happens is time moves forward one hour and the player remains on the passage where the wait option was.


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Both the <<link>> macro and the <<button>> macro have variations which allow you to obmit the Target Passage Name, which you can use to call your <<addhours 1>>.

<<link "Wait">><<addhours 1>><</link>>

<<button "Wait">><<addhours 1>><</button>>

warning: because there is no Passage Transition you will need to handle any updating of the page manually.

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