(mouseover: HookName or String) → Changer

A variation of (click:) that, instead of showing the hook when the target is clicked, shows it when the mouse pointer merely hovers over it. The target is also styled differently, to denote this hovering functionality.


(click:) and (link:) can be used to create links in your passage that reveal text or, in conjunction with other macros, transform the text in myriad ways. This macro is exactly like (click:), except that instead of making the target a link, it makes the target reveal the hook when the mouse hovers over it. This can convey a mood of fragility and spontaneity in your stories, of text reacting to the merest of interactions.


This macro is subject to the same rules regarding the styling of its targets that (click:) has, so consult (click:)'s details to review them.

This macro is not recommended for use in games or stories intended for use on touch devices, as the concept of “hovering” over an element doesn't really make sense with that input method.

See also:

(link:), (link-reveal:), (link-repeat:), (click:), (mouseout:), (replace:), (mouseover-replace:), (hover-style:)