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Super Sudden Surprise Challenge: The Number Twenty Three



  • No, you made the accomplishment, Ros! ;D

    Also, your writing is very good. Now, where can I get me one of those "exercise beds?" Do they sell those at Mattress King? ;)

    One suggestion, in the "final" passage, you might consider not making a link to continue running, or give it a "The End" or whatever. However, maybe that's kinda the point, the endless running. I'm not a very deep thinker, so far be it for me to make such observations. ;)

    I worked all the way through it, and am very glad you posted it, Ros. Stick around! We'll do this again soon. :)

    You're right, tough, advertisement is the key to success at this point., Adventurecow, Twitter, etc., need to be alerted if we do another "thing." Maybe I could write some posts for Chris to make, too. That way, it wouldn't be my face on the poster (though I'm surprised that I'm starting to get "You're that guy, right?" on other IF boards).
  • Sharpe wrote:

    Also, your writing is very good. Now, where can I get me one of those "exercise beds?" Do they sell those at Mattress King? ;)

    Aw, thanks!

    I think the exercise beds must come out next season...

    I'm curious about your comment on the final passage. There isn't a link on the final passage, so I'm not sure what you mean. The last passage is the one that has credits beneath it.

    Oh, I like what you did with yours, Sharpe! I died pretty quickly, haha.
  • Oh, I must not have made it to the final passage, then. I clicked everything everywhere I thought.  :-[

    I'm going to release a pre-alpha of my little RPG the Workshop sub forum before going to bed. It came a long way today.
  • Hello Sharpe, I was wondering if I could use your RPG engine as the base for my project, should it reach completion you will of course be properly credited. I'll probably end up modifying it a lot, but I like the way you made it. I tried something myself earlier, but it's nowhere near as efficient as what you made.
  • Sure. However, I would hold off until tonight or tomorrow as I'm going to put out another version that is more legible and includes a few more features. You'd be way better off using it.

    I already put out a more legible version for SugarCube:;topic=1591.0;attach=218

    I think the only real difference in the SugarCube version is the <<textbox>> macro at the very start. Just replacing it with the Sugarcane version from an older version (like the one in this thread) should make it all work, I think. Regardless, I' going to put out another version that's more legible and for both Sugarcane and SugarCube very soon.
  • I simply used <<set $ = prompt("text goes here","name")>> for the naming part.

    You have my sincerest thanks, you are saving me a lot of trouble by doing this, I shall await your new version with eagerness. Many thanks.
  • Interprestor wrote:

    I simply used <<set $ = prompt("text goes here","name")>> for the naming part.

    Man, seriously, suddenly getting hit with an ugly alert box is a jarring experience for players, in my opinion. I'd recommend using the included text box. Just me. :)

    I'm saddling up to ride in an hourI live on a small horse ranchwith a couple dozen friends. Tonight, after I get back, I'll try hard to get another version out.

    You user Sugarcane, right?
  • No, I'm using SugarCube. And you're right, my method is a bit... invasive. I shall change it soon. Thanks, once again!
  • Oh, well then you're really going to want to use my next build. It's SugarCube. :)

    I'll start here in a couple hours.

    EDIT: So . . . freaking . . . close . . . I'll get it up later this evening (3/31).
  • Take your time man, I'm in no rush. I appreciate you doing this.
  • Hey, no problem. You're not the only one seeking an example turn-based RPG in Twine. :)

    It's finished, but there's so much added that I really need to play it a bit before releasing it. Not so much to try and gain balancethat will take considerable gameplaybut to make certain there are no bugs that I can find.

    It's retained its legibility to Twine beginners, even enhanced it because I've added a great deal of comments almost everywhere in the code. This can be used as a solid foundation to a turn-based Twine RPG. :)

    I'll try to get it up Wednesday. I can't do much anything Twine related on Tuesdays because I have classes all day and into the night.
  • Sweet. I'm looking forward to it.
  • I feel like Christmas morning is almost here!
  • For the first time since my family's loss, things are starting to get back to normal around the house. There aren't 20 or so people over at all times.

    I've sat down and opened Twine up to have a look at where I was at. I'll start a new thread in the Showcase sub-forum when I get finished. I already wrote most of the post even, I was so close to being ready.

    EDIT: Here it is, version 0.4: Example Turn-Based RPG (Pre-Alpha v. 0.4)
  • Glad to hear things are settling down, Sharpe. I'll be taking a look at this soon.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss, my condolences.

    I'm very excited about your new engine, I'll look at it today. Was without an internet connection for a while so I'm a bit late.
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