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I want to develop a game that is going to be math intensive

Im new to Twine, Ive played around creating some simple games using Harlowe, but I really want to develop a game that is going to be kind of math intensive (I'd like to calculate things using exponentials etc.). Does one of the other formats (Snowman, SugarCube) give me any of that capability? Ive read some things that said Snowman has access to some JS libraries but it isn't that straight forward--I really appreciated the straight-forward nature of Harlowe. Any help would be appreciated, I'm hesitant to invest in learning one when maybe I should be learning the other.


  • Sugercane (a Twine 1 format) can simply call the libraries inline - search for calling random.
  • Thanks! I'll check that out, though it feels like going backwards (to go to Twine 1). But if I can do the math I need that way, I'll have to do it.
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    Both Snowman and SugarCube make calling out to JavaScript trivial. You can also do so in Harlowe, though it makes you jump through some minor hoops to do so.
  • Thanks MadExile! I feel pretty stupid for not just trying that out...
  • gforden wrote: »
    ...though it feels like going backwards (to go to Twine 1)...
    In my opinion there are only two major things that Twine 2 includes that Twine 1 does not, although there are a number of things that T1 includes that T2 does not:

    a. The application runs on a mobile device.
    b. Support for the Harlowe and Snowman 2 story formats.

    If neither of the above are important to you then which version of Twine you use comes down to personal choice and your needs.
  • Thanks everybody! As I said, Im very new to this and appreciate all your input and appreciate your help.
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