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Traditional 'back and forth' movement

edited November 2015 in Help! with 2.0
Offline v2.0

I used to play text adventures when I was a kid, but with those an input was required, rather than the 'multiple choice' method of CYOA. What I want to know is how a player can go back and forth between rooms.

For example, in a traditional text adventure, a player may type N to move North, but on realising the path doesn't lead anywhere, could then press S to return to the previous location. Could this be done with Twine's multiple choice method?

The way I understand it, is that when writing the game, Go north is used to set the link. This then automatically creates a location on the map grid for North. But if I then want to give the player the option to return to the previous location, I'd have to type Go south which in turn would create a separate location on the map grid. Is there not a way for an opposite direction to send them back to an already existing location?

Or is my problem simply that I'm trying to make a CYOA game play like a traditional text adventure?


  • A markup link can consist of two parts: the link text and the target passage name.
    eg. Target Passage Name

    In your example of Go north the link text and the target passage name are the same thing

    So if you want to be able to move north from The Dinning Room to The Library and then have a link in The Library to send the reader back to The Dinning Room you could use the following two links:
    [[Go North|The Library]]
    [[Go South|The Dining Room]]
  • Great stuff! Thanks for the quick response :)
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