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Is there a way to display the entire story at the end?

Twine is great. But I was wondering if, at the conclusion of a twine Choose Your Own Adventure, whether it is possible to display the entire story? Specifically, can one display for the user all the passages he/she has chosen?
I would appreciate any help.
Thank you.


  • I think it's possible to do, but time-consuming. You could create a variable for every decision made in the game - (for variables see here: )

    Then, for the final passage, after the user has finished a game, you use these variables to get Twine to 'display' every passage the user has visited. (see 'display' here: ).

    This won't work, however, if your story involves going to the same passages more than once.
  • Depending on the story format you are using it may be possible to loop through the History and display the contents of each of the Passages recorded within it.

    But this will cause any of the logic code embedded with each of those Passages to be executed again, which would effect what gets displayed so you would need to reset your variables to their default values before doing the looping. You would also not be able to use any Setter Links within your Passages as these would not work correctly during this process.
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