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The Saving Story State error - what are my options?

I've been working on a story for a couple of years in Twine 1. I've now hit the problem with the updates to browsers where story state can no longer be saved in most story formats. The format I wanted to use was Responsive, because I want the finished game to be playable on phones and tablets.

I understand that the Harlowe format on Twine 2 is also quite mobile-friendly, but was surprised to discover that stories written in Twine 1 cannot be opened on Twine 2. To port the story to Twine 2 would mean copying and pasting the text of each of the 800+ passages individually which would take several weeks.

Ideally the solution would be a patch to the Responsive format which fixes the story state error. I don't have the skills to do that myself sadly, but I wondered if there were any plans to do this? Alternatively if there were a way to transfer Twine 1 projects to Twine 2, without having to do each passage manually, that would be great also. Would anybody be able to advise me on this?

Thanks in advance,

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    1. TheMadExile (the developer of the SugarCube story formats) has a utility on both the version 1 and version 2 websites which can convert a Twine 1 story HTML file into a Twine 2 Archive file. Look for the Twine 1 compiled HTML to Twine 2 archive converter [ZIP archive] lin near the bottom of the page.

    This utility may help you get your story into Twine 2 but if you plan to change to the Harlowe story format then you will probly need to visit every passage in your story anyway because Harlowe uses a different macro language, implements styling differently, and does not support special passages like StoryInit / StoryTitle / etc... instead using special passage tags.

    Twine 2 has also moved Javascript and CSS from special tagged passages to two editable areas accessed via menu options.

    2. The idea of patching the Responsive story format consists of two problems:

    a. Reimplementing the story formats History sub-system to not use the web-browser's inbuilt History API.
    This requires finding someone with the relevant skills / knowledge to be willing to spend the time doing it. The Sugarcane story format suffers from the same issue as Responsive and because the two story formats share the same core code, patching one story format may also fix the other.

    b. Making the patched story format(s) available/accessible to Authors.
    Normally this would require generating a new official release of Twine 1 containing the patched story format(s) but I am not sure that would happen as there appears to be some resistance in doing this. I base this opinion on the fact that there are other patches/enhancement to the Twine 1 application that have not been released for more than a year.
  • Thanks greyelf, you've been very helpful. I'm glad there's a way of porting projects to Twine 2, and I'm happy to report that the archive converter has worked on my game, although has you mentioned, I would still need to make a lot of changes. As an alternative I've been playing with the Jonah format and that seems to be immune to the problem, so I may well go with that instead.
  • The recent versions of SugarCube 1 and 2 have been modified to cope with the restriction added to Chromium based web-browsers like Chrome and Opera.
    Each version of SugarCube handles the issue in a different way.
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