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First game ever, what story format do I want to use?

Hello all. I'm trying to work on a game that's largely text-based. I haven't really decided yet if there's a need for images/sounds/music, but I do know that I want a few meters to track things through the game, some hidden variables, and random events that will affect both visible and hidden meters. I'm hoping to make it a little like Depression Quest, but based on my ongoing experiences with insomnia, so there would be meters or numerical stats for tiredness, boredom, etc., and the variables might include weather, the length of time spent playing a game or reading something. Random events would be things like dogs barking outside or the phone ringing.

I have decent knowledge of HTML and CSS, and I learn best by doing, but Javascript seems a little harder and more difficult to work with. So which story format should I go with? I'm really liking Twine so far, but all I've done is text blurbs that link to each other. If anyone can suggest good tutorials for Twine basics I'd appreciate those, too; the guide on the wiki is a little minimalistic and vague.


  • It's hard to say one over another. Personally I'm using Sugarcube 2.6 which if your going to try I really recommend updating to the latest version as the one that comes preinstalled with twine is outdated. Some people don't like the look of sugarcube, I actually like it, but it can all easily be jigged up with CSS.

    There are some good tutorials on YouTube for sugarcube by 'vegetarian zombie', and I believe Dan Cox also has one on sugarcube also.

    Vegetarian Zombie's series

    Dan Cox channel
  • Ah, thanks! I admit I don't really know what you mean by the "look" of Sugarcube, but I'm sure I'll find out. I just installed the newest version of it into Twine, and I'm gonna look into the videos now, thanks for the links!
  • I'll second SugarCube. The docs are really easy to follow and the markup feels closer to HTML than Harlowe, Twine 2's default. Also, the ability to make your own widgets is really useful.
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