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Working on new story format: Foil

edited June 2016 in Workshop
I recently stumbled upon Twine 2 while looking for a framework to build interactive stories. Of all of the frameworks I found, it was my favorite. I wasn't, however, amazed by any of the story formats. I tried each of the three formats that come with Twine 2, but found them either a little confusing or a little lacking in features. Because of this, I decided to build one myself, which I am calling Foil.
Foil is still very much in the Alpha phase of development, as I have plenty more features that I would like to add and the documentation still needs to be fleshed out a bit, but the basics are where they need to be to start using it.
I'd be interested in getting some feedback and gauging interest in this project to make sure I'm not the only one who's been looking for a story format that is more extensible and allows for more integrated tooling.

Thanks in advance!


  • I'd suggest starting with a description that explains what Foil does and how it is different from other formats. Especially since you list among your reasons for doing this that the other formats are confusing.
  • Also make it clear at the start of your documentation that this Story Format is targeted at people who are comfortable with coding Javascript/HTML/CSS and not Writers with no programming experience.

    Explain in greater detail that plugins/scripts/stylesheets don't have to be eternally stored files, and the relationship between Twine 2's Story Javascript/Stylesheet areas and your own plugins/scripts/stylesheets units.
  • Fair points. The documentation is still being worked on, but I'll be sure to make it clearer that this is a format more targeted at people already familiar with JavaScript. I also plan to add more documentation for plugins, scripts, and stylesheets, and how they differ from the Twine 2 built-in JavaScript and Stylesheet.

    Thanks for the feedback :)
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