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Hide source code (storymap)

Is there any way to publish Twine file without giving players access to storymap via Twine? Simple publishing to HTML lets them import it to Twine and see everything what's inside. Can it be somehow restricted, hidden, published in other format or anything like that to prevent it?


  • Simple answer: No.

    The published Story HTML file is just a web-application, and like all web-applications access it's source code is simple process because the HTML/CSS/Javascript used within them are human readable text based programming languages. There are methods that can be used to obfuscate the Javascript code but they are only partly successful because the web-browser has to be able to understand the code to be able to run it.

    Complex answer: you can make it harder for the user to access the source code.

    You can use frameworks and utilities to convert your web-application into a executable based application, these processes basically bundle a custom web-browser render with your original source code to produce an install-able release of your story project.

    However with a little reading and a little programming knowledge it is generally fairly easy to extract the original web-application source code from the executable based application.

    note: The install-able release of the Twine 2 application is built using one of these frameworks (nw.js)
  • Cool, thank you very much! I expected it to work that way, but really hoped I just don't know some cool feature to easily achieve exactly what I wanted ^^
    (Is there any way to flag things as "answered" here? I can't find such option)
  • MadAlice wrote: »
    (Is there any way to flag things as "answered" here? I can't find such option)

    Only if you start the post as a Question. If you start it as a Discussion, there isn't any.
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