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I can't see my image anymore

I don't know why but since I past to the twine 1.42 I can't see my image anymore.
But when I do a test or build my story nothing appear
The name of the file is right but nothing is show, no even a error message, and I try with a past project I did with twine 1.41 and it worked fine before but I dont see the image anymore . Does anyone know what is the problem or have the same problem?


  • Based on the given image path, I'm going to assume those are loose images and not embedded.

    That being the case, are the images in the exact same folder/directory as the compiled HTML file?  If not, that's your problem.
  • They are indeed in the same folder so thats not the problem.
    I used Twine before and I did exactly as I did before, like I said, I even have a previous project with twine, I used Twine 1.41 before uninstal it and I installed twine 1.42, but the previous project remain the same, I did not move the file or the image, and I was able to see image before, when I tried it with the new twine, I am not ableanymore to see image
  • It is happening to me too, but in my case it is the first time I'm trying to put an image in my story. Nothing happens when I buid it, not even an error message. I just see the background, but not the image. I'm a beginner, and maybe Im just doing something silly, but I can't figure it out. Help me please...  :-\
    It's twine version 1.42, and windows 8.1, google chrome.
  • I finnaly did  it, but just when I put the name of the image inside the command, instead of drag and drop it inside the map. What could be the problem?
  • There are two way to import images into Twine 1.4.2:

    1. Manually:
    You do this using either the Story > Import Image > From File option, the Story > Import Image > From Web URL option or by Drag and Dropping the image onto the Passage Map. The passage title of the image added will be the filename without a file extension, so if the file was named racing_car.jpg the image passage title will be racing_car and it is this title you will need to use in your img link.

    2. Interactively when closing the passage editor:
    If you add an img link to a passage that references a filename (with a known image file extension) that has not yet been imported, when you close the passage editor you will be asked if you wish import the image. If you answer Yes and if the file can be found then the image will appear on your Passage Map and the img link will be change to reference the new image passage.

    You add the follow img link to passage, close passage editor and answer Yes to Import question:


    Image will be imported into Passage Map and img link is change to following:

    If you are using the built-in story formats it now seems that the only way to reference images using the built-in img link that are stored externally to your HTML file is to store them on a web-server and access them using the [img[]] version of the link.

    Another option is to use the HTML img tag to display an image file that is in the same folder/directory as your HTML file.

    <img src="racing_car.jpg.gif" alt="Racing Car">
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