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Problem with Glitch Text Effect CSS Script

Hey, everyone!

I'm trying to get this glitch text CSS script ( working in Twine but something seems to be off and just doesn't seem to be working as it should.

I have put all the CSS code in a passage tagged "stylesheet" and added HTML code in the normal passage, yet all I get is the simple GLITCH text without any effect.

Any idea why this might be happening?



  • You probably copied the SCSS (Sass CSS) version, not the compiled CSS.  Click the eye icon on the CSS area and it should switch to a view of the compiled CSS, copy that.
  • No, I did paste the compiled CSS. It still doesn't show the desired effect.  :-\
  • I just created a new story, copied the "Compiled Preview" version of the CSS into a stylesheet passage, and added the following into the Start passage:

    <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
    <div class="glitch" data-text="GLITCH">GLITCH</div>
    I viewed the generated Sugarcane/SugarCube HTML output in Firefox 34.0.5 on Windows and both worked, but neither worked using Chrome 39.0.2171.95 even though the codepen page does.

    Chrome's CSS viewer says there is a property error in the animation: call in both the .glitch:before and .glitch:after selectors.
  • Yeah, it's a Chrome-specific issue of keyframe CSS not working.
    Tried it in Firefox and it worked properly.

    Thank you for the help!
  • There are two issues with the CSS in relation to Chrome:

    1. According to canius css-animation Chrome only supports the -webkit-animation version of the property, so you need to edit the .glitch:before and .glitch:after rules and duplicate each of the animation properties so that there is also a -webkit-animation one.
    The end result will look something like the following:

    .glitch:before {
    animation: noise-anim-2 3s infinite linear alternate-reverse;
    -webkit-animation: noise-anim-2 3s infinite linear alternate-reverse;

    .glitch:after {
    animation: noise-anim 2s infinite linear alternate-reverse;
    -webkit-animation: noise-anim 2s infinite linear alternate-reverse;
    2. As you know Chrome does not support the standard @keyframes selector so you need to include a @-webkit-keyframes as well.
    To do this first take a copy of the @keyframes noise-anim selector and its contents, then paste that below the original and change the copy's selector to @-webkit-keyframes noise-anim. Do the same for the @keyframes noise-anim-2 and its contents except this time rename the inserted copy as @-webkit-keyframes noise-anim-2

    If you do the above correctly it will work in Chrome. (I tested it in v39.0.2171.95)
  • That worked perfectly. Thank you, greyelf!
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