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Work no longer being saved…

I’ve got a strange one here…

Today, one of my passages stopped saving my work. I could edit it and test the game, and even edit it some more. But if I went back into the project after I exited it (or closed the browser window), the passage showed the content that existed prior to my edits.

I’m hesitant to do anything drastic at this point. I am publishing revisions as I go. But this has turned into a blocker for finishing and I’m hoping someone has a solution.

Btw, do passages have some sort of memory limitation? This one is fairly long.



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    Which browser (brand,version) and operating system (brand,version) you are using?

    Are you using the hosted or downloaded version of Twine 2?

    On your story list page how much space available (lower right corner) do you have?

    How long (rough number of words) is the passage in question?
  • I think I fixed this by deleting the passage and then adding a new one (annoying). But there may be a more critical issue at hand here.

    Also, I forgot to mention… At the same time that this began happening, this project and all of my other projects would always have (seemingly random) reorganized nodes when opened.
  • greyelf wrote: »
    Which browser (brand,version) and operating system (brand,version) you are using?

    On your story list page how much space available (lower right corner) do you have?

    How long (rough number of words) is the passage in question?
    I’m using Safari 8.0.5 in OS X 10.10.4… It says I have 95% space available.

    The passage contains 991 words (6,869 characters, including spaces).
  • The thing that's puzzling to me here is that there shouldn't be any difference between clicking the Play button and closing your browser and re-opening a story for editing -- both actions refer back to where your story is saved, so both should have worked, or neither. So obviously there's something else at work here that I'm not thinking of.

    Opening the development console as you edit might yield more information as you work, i.e. if Twine runs into an error saving a change, it usually will display there. You can do that in Safari by turning on the Develop menu (Advanced section of the preferences), then choose Error Console from the Develop menu.
  • klembot wrote: »
    The thing that’s puzzling to me here is that there shouldn’t be any difference between clicking the Play button and closing your browser and re-opening a story for editing…
    Sorry for not explaining it correctly, so let me clarify… When playing the game, it does indeed manifest the saving error (i.e., the game uses the old save). But when I return to the editor, the newer edits are still there. It’s only when I return to the Home screen or close the browser window that the saves are lost and it reverts back to the older edits.
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    Ok, so a weird thing just happened…

    I opened my project and a passage was missing — just gone! It had been two hours since I added it. I looked in some of my older published files and couldn’t find the passage, so I resigned to adding it again (same name), etc. When I added it, I opened it and it was a new, empty passage; it didn’t have links going out to anywhere. But then I closed it and saw that it had text in it and it was linking to other passages. So I opened it again and it contained all of the text that I had input into it previously!

    So, I published the file (which worked fine). But when I looked at the editor again, some of the nodes had been rearranged.
  • It sounds like what is going on, then, is Twine is encountering some problem saving. When this happens, the editor may continue on its merry way. It shouldn't, of course. Just want to make sure -- you are on 2.0.4? I ask because I added more detailed error reporting to that version that should have shown a message as soon as an error is encountered. But if you're on 2.0.4, it sounds like it isn't doing its job.

    Either way, I definitely think the browser console can tell us more too. Please try keeping that open as you work and let us know if errors show up there.
  • Yes, I am in 2.0.4 — and I do see errors periodically, for instance, when Twine can’t communicate with the story format server.

    I will look into any console errors and report back.
  • Hmm. Are you using SugarCube? I could see that potentially occurring since it is hosted outside the Twine app, but if you are using Harlowe or Snowman, it shouldn't be an issue as they are local to the app. That said, I've never run into trouble loading SugarCube. Perhaps that is a local networking issue? (That still wouldn't be the cause of data loss -- stories are saved locally, to your own browser, so no network connection is required.)
  • I’m using Harlowe.
  • @timsamoff: Are you using the downloaded / local version of Twine 2 or the hosted one accessed directly on the website?

    @klembot: I believe the hosted version requires a network connection to download the Harlowe / Snowman story format files.
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    Yes, I’m using the hosted version.
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    Just started having a similar issue using SugarCube. Attaching image of the console report.


    Also, the file I exported that you can see at the bottom of the screen is not displaying changes either.
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