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How to convert decimal places to minutes...

Hi Everyone,

I am using Harlowe and would like to know how I can convert a number with decimal places into hours and minutes.

For example, I have the number 15.833333333333334 which would represent 15 hours and 50 minutes. Note that the 50 minutes is a rounding of the result of the decimal places multiplied by 60.

This is important to me, because in my story, different actions and passages subtract different amounts of "minutes" and I would like to display the remaining minutes as hours and minutes.

At the moment, when I have 950 minutes left, if I divide it by 60, I get the number above with decimal places. And I don't know what code I need to use for Harlowe to multiply and round only the decimal places.

Any help with this would be appreciated. Sorry for my newbiness!


  • Try the following:
    (set: $amount to 950)
    (set: $hours to (floor: $amount / 60))
    (set: $minutes to ($amount % 60))
    hours: (print: $hours)
    minutes: (print: $minutes)
  • Thank you!!
  • Also, to set a "clock" using 24 hour time with the code above given by greyelf, you can use the following:
    (if: $hours > 23)[(set: $hours to $hours - 24)]
    (if: $hours < 10)[0$hours](else:)[$hours]:(if: $minutes < 10)[0$minutes](else:)[$minutes]

    Just sharing that, as that is what I am using in my game, thanks to the help I got from greyelf!
  • Hi again,

    Since I am trying to move my story over to the sugarCube format (since it seems more versatile for what i want to achieve), I was wondering how to get the time thing to work.

    The only part that I am having trouble with is the following:
    (set: $hours to (floor: $amount / 60))

    In SugarCube, I can't get the "floor" part to work, nor know how to get it to round the resulting number.

    I have this so far:
    <<set $hours to ($pTime / 60)>>

    But that returns the number with the decimal places. I can't find the solution in any of the sugarCube documentation.

    Any ideas?
  • Nevermind, I found the answer, and it is by adding parseInt before the brackets.

    So the final SugarCube code that works for me now is:
    <<set $hours to parseInt($pTime / 60)>>
  • You could also use the standard Javascript Math.floor method in SugarCube.

    My above example modified for SugarCube:
    <<set $amount to 950>>
    <<set $hours to Math.floor($amount / 60)>>
    <<set $minutes to ($amount % 60)>>
    hours: <<print $hours>>
    minutes: <<print $minutes>>
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