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Three Dragons

First off, I think that @greyelf and @klembot are pretty amazing at keeping this community going. I know there are a lot of others too, but they have really stepped up in offering me help when I need it.

Three Dragons, based on a European folktale about two brothers and an old man with a white beard, was a personal game design challenge by Tim Samoff.

During April 2015, Tim thought it would be fun to attempt to create a “micro” Role-Playing Game (RPG) in the interactive narrative development platform Twine. The idea was that a small game, containing a myriad of player choices and consequences, could be created within the arbitrary number of eight passages (“passages” being the primary method for creating games in Twine).

During development game grew into a slightly larger, but still quite minimal experience that imparts a moral message.


  • Btw, I would love love love if those who play this game could comment with any bugs that you find!

    Thank you so much!
  • No bug reports, but it did remind me that I had forgotten to format my <hr> tags...
  • I found a typo, only. No bugs. On the first page "other people's affairs".

    I thought your formatting and game mechanics were EXCELLENT. How long have you been creating with Twine? Everything seemed to just WORK.
  • Thank you!

    I’ve been using Twine for about two years, although this is my first "serious" production — took a little less than a month to complete with a full-time job and a family. ;)

    I’d love to hear more reactions, typos, bugs, etc.!
  • I thank you for the praise @timsamoff, I am glad I was am to help you in some small way with your excellent interactive story which I enjoyed. It has some great visual and novel features like the real(ish) time combat and the transforming links.
  • Tim,

    I just had a chance to finish the game... found one more... sorry!

    humanity no long possessed
    should be
    humanity no longer possessed

  • edited May 2015
    @greyelf, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @Sage, thank you! Don't be sorry, because I value the feedback and help! I'll fix it later tonight.

  • Based on player response, I have increased the amount of time between dragon attacks in the real-time battle. Let me know what you think.
  • I tried this on an iphone and the embark and about links do not work. It made me replay it though a few times. Similar to real gameplay on a console or something to see what happens. Do you need to add a @media function or something to make the code function on a mobile device?
  • Hmm… Strange. I am using some jQuery to facilitate making the links work better on touch (it works on my handheld device just fine). And I did test it on an iPhone 5. I’ll test again and see if I can duplicate what you’re talking about.

    Thank you for the feedback!
  • nice story! it was quite enjoyable, even though I have not been able to defeat the dragon. Too many loses made me give up in the end. I did enjoy the real time play though. Thanks.
  • You might approach it a different way then. ;)

    Thanks for playing!
  • hi tim, i finished the game. nice work!

    one thing you may want to consider for futer games: the message on the top that shows how many silver coins i have and my health, is not visible when i need to scroll down to press the link (e.g. for fighting the dragon). I think with a position: fixed; property in CSS you can have that displayed at the top at all times, regardless of whether I scroll the page.

    Good job!
  • Thanks for the feedback!

    Yeah, I can definitely work on the positioning of the HUD. :)
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