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Hey, so I'm working on an achievement system for my game and I've pretty much figured it out other than the fact that I can only manage to get the image to fade in and I wanna try and get it to slide up onto the screen maybe like a Steam achievement or something.

I'm using Sugarcube by the way.

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CodePen is a great site to look for code that does stuff like this.  Here are two I found:

Steam-style achievements: https://codepen.io/fuzzalicious/pen/qVrapg

Xbox-style achievements: https://codepen.io/djekl/pen/jqVKXV

Just remember, you can't spell "achievement" without "HiEv"!

(Sorry, I've always wanted to say that.  Yes, I'm lame.)

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Here's a macro I made:

JavaScript: https://github.com/ChapelR/custom-macros-for-sugarcube-2/blob/master/scripts/minified/notify.min.js

CSS: https://github.com/ChapelR/custom-macros-for-sugarcube-2/blob/master/scripts/minified/notify.min.css


<<notify [delay] [classes]>> Content <</notify>>

    * delay (optional): the number of ms to show the message for before removing it.  defaults to 2000 (2 seconds)
    * classes (optional): a space separated list or string array of classes to add to the notification for styling in CSS.
    * Content: anything between the tags is shown.  accepts strings, macros, variables, etc.

Basic example:

<<notify>>Achievement unlocked!<</notify>>

/% lasts 2 seconds and has no classes (can still be styled with '#notify') %/

Long example:

<<notify 10000 'blue'>>Achievement unlocked!<</notify>>

/% lasts 10 seconds and has the CSS class '.blue', for styling ('#notify.blue { color: blue; }', for example)%/

You can find unminified versions of the JS and CSS code elsewhere in the repo if you prefer.

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Thanks, Chapel. Very handy this.