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Hello. Have some trouble with <Array>.includesAny. 


<<set $eye to {
	"left": 1,
	"right": 2


<<widget "eye_view_l">>\
	<<if $eye.left.includesAny("голуб", "красн")>>\
        <<print $eye.left.random()>>ой\
	<<elseif $eye.left.includesAny("зелен", "розов")>>\
		<<print $eye.left.random()>>ый\

Set eye colors

<<link "Зеленый">><<set $eye.left to "зелен">><<refresh>><</link>>
<<link "Голубой">><<set $eye.left to "голуб">><<refresh>><</link>>

But widget in text gives me that

Error: <<eye_view_l>>: error within widget contents (Error: <<if>>: bad conditional expression in <<if>> clause: State.variables.eye.left.includesAny is not a function)


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<<set $eye to {
	"left": 1,
	"right": 2

In what you've shown, you're setting both $eye.left and $eye.right up as numbers, not arrays.

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ah you right, sorry for my mindless question