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The hero does something in a certain paragraph and you can not choose anything, since the hero is busy. But after a certain time the links appeared.

 I use Harlowe 2.1.0.

Understood me?

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You didn't say what story format of Twine you're using.  If it's SugarCube, then you could use the <<timed>> macro.

If you're using a different story format, then I don't know the answer.

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I use Harlowe 2.1.0
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There's a time keyword: https://twine2.neocities.org/#keyword_time

The (live:) macro may be what you need though.
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warning: If you use the (live:) macro to delay the revealing of some content (link your links) then it will keep revealing that content repeatably until either: a Passage Transition occurs; or you use a (stop:) macro to stop it.

Ideally the code within your passage would looks something like the following:

The initial text shown to the reader.

A hidden hook containing the links to be revealed.
[[Option 1->Target Passage]]
[[Option 2->Target Passage]]\
(live: 3s)[
	(show: ?links)

(note: The above example was written from memory and hasn't been tested, it may contain syntax errors)