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I know i need a world map, possibly like this and it has an icon for the player that moves, im not sure if its on a hex map:http://www.micabytes.com/wiki/pirates/index.php/Main_Game_Interface

but im debating on either having the town also be mapped where youll be able to click on where to go ex: Steve Jackson's SORCERY! games.

or its just a layout map of squares connected with a thin line that use descriptions to "flesh out the squares. I cant paste a picture but it would be like going in PAINT on your computer, selecting the rectangle shape, then making two squares out of the rectangle shape, then filling those squares with a dark color(lets say a dark violet) then connect the two squares together with a Line shape with the same color. Then when a player moves into a square it will be indicated by the room turning into a lighter color(lighter violet) and when they leave that room (room 1)for another room(room 2), room 1 turns back to the darker violet color and room 2 goes to a lighter violet.. Each room will have a short blurb to say what it looks like like a cell or a bedroom, or a cave.

or i just make buttons that pretty much do what twine does and make passages for places the player can go to and leave from.

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Any of those could work! It depends on what is best for your game. My advice is to try building a prototype of the one your instinct tells you is best. If you get stuck on any bits of code post them here and we will help.
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thanks, i cant do anything yet though as im waiting fo someone to help with my problem on twine bug. but once its resolved(hopefully soon) ill be asking away some more questions.

I probably will have to use something else until it gets fixed.