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Hello there, Twine community.

I recently had an idea where I would create a Blogger blog consisting of smaller Twine stories. The Harlowe 2.1.0 format seemed to agree most with the blog posts, adjusting its size accordingly and working, but it always sends an error message to the visitor:


Once the error message goes away the game seems to work fine, so what's causing this and how can I resolve it?

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Without seeing the web-page that is generating the error message it is hard to determine what is causing it.

If I had to guess I would say there is a conflict between the child story HTML file and the parent Blogger page, which you are using an iframe HTML element to embbed that file into.

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Thank you for your reply. Here is the page:


How could I resolve this conflict?
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The story HTML file generated by Twine is a self contained single page web-application, and as I briefly mentioned in my earlier comment you will need to use an iframe HTML element to embed it within a Blogger page.

You are currently trying to directly embed the contents of the story HTML file within the Blogger page, and as you have found out that will cause errors because the story's JavaScript engine makes certain assumptions about the enviroment that aren't true when you do what you've done.

I don't have a Blogger account so I can't give you the exact instuctions on how to achieve the outcome that you want, but the basic steps are as follows:

1. Upload the story HTML file to your Blogger account, and then determine the URL to the newly uploaded HTML file.

2. Added an iframe HTML element to your Blogger page.

3. Edit that iframe HTML element so that it's src property references the URL from point 1.

If Blogger doesn't allow you to upload HTML files to it then you will need to host the story HTML file on a different web-server, and then use that URL in point 3 instead.

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Hello, thank you for your help! I did end up having to host the HTML on a different server, but the iFrame works like a charm. You're the best!