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This is probably a dumb question, but I've been trying to solve the problem since yesterday and I've been searching through the old and new forums for it, but I wasn't able to find any solution (or probably I'm just too dumb to find it)

So... here we are again. I'm trying to implement a feature to the game to put a limit on the size of your army:


<<set $charisma = 0>>

<<set $unemployed = 0>>
<<set $workers = 0>>
<<set $knights = 0>>
<<set $soldiers = 0>>
<<set $population = $workers + $unemployed>>

<<set $army_size = Math.round($workers / 2) + Math.round($unemployed / 2) + ($charisma * 5)>>

As you can see, what I'm trying to do is quite simple. But the problem comes when last variable is displayed on the screen:

"Due to certain existant limitations, the max size of the army is 88.5 troops."

(I'm using a <<print>> macro here to show the variable, but I don't if that's the issue) Anyways, thanks in advance for helping me with this question.


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Assuming that's the only place you set $army_size, then as it's the only arithmetic you do not round in your sample, presumably, $charisma is not a whole number.

Regardless.  In general, you want to round once, usually at the end, rather than several times.  Try the following:

<<set $army_size = Math.round($workers / 2 + $unemployed / 2 + $charisma * 5)>>
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Thanks for answering so quickly! But the problem it's still the same. $charisma is a whole number, and in the game you can actually see that the value of that variable is 1, so I don't know where this  0.5 is coming from.

Image 1

Image 2

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If you print the value of "$army_size" right after the line that sets it above, it should be an integer.

Since that didn't fix it, then you'll need to look through your code to see where else "$army_size" is getting set.  Also, make sure you're printing "$army_size" and not "$Army_size" or some other variable, as upper/lower-case matters.

If you can't find it, then you're going to have to show the code that goes from the point where $army_size is set to where it's displayed.
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If the code I gave above did not solve the issue, then either you have to be modifying $army_size elsewhere, intentionally or not, or something very strange is going on.  As noted by HiEv, we're probably going to need to see more of the code.

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That's probably what's getting on the way. $army_size is a variable that appears at the start of the game on the StoryInit passage, but there's a problem with it, because I have to put it every single time I want to make a change to $army variable 

$army = $soldiers + $kights

And the reason for doing such a thing it's because $army isn't a stating value. In fact, the player can train soldiers and knights to make the army bigger and bigger. So I have to <<set>> $army_size to update it every single time you make a change.


<<if $army_size - $army >= 1>><<set $soldiers +=1>>
<<set $unemployed -=1>>
<<set $money -=5>>
<<set $army = $soldiers + $knights>>
<<set $army_size = ($workers / 2 + $unemployed / 2 + $charisma * 5)>>
<<goto "work1">><<else>>You have reached the max size of the army.


And that's what I'm doing all the time... 

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Please, don't mind my stupid mispelling errors when it comes to the example we are looking to. The name of the variables it's right in-game (because I'm using spanish names). So, please, don't mind this kind of embarrasing mistakes.
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You don't state where you're doing this, but you're not rounding the value in the code you just showed (repeated here).

<<set $army_size = ($workers / 2 + $unemployed / 2 + $charisma * 5)>>

As I noted in my first post, you should be doing something like the following:

<<set $army_size = Math.round($workers / 2 + $unemployed / 2 + $charisma * 5)>>

If you want its value to be an integer, then you'll have to round the value you assign to it every time if that value can contain a fractional part.


EDIT: Additionally.  Your logic could be simplified.  Instead of the following:

<<if $army_size - $army >= 1>>

Simply do the following:

<<if $army >= $army_size>>


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Thanks for your help, seriously. That was the problem and now it works smoothly!