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So i'm using this method http://twinery.org/questions/1854/sugarcube-more-problems-with-game-returning-from-menu-solved?show=1854#q1854 to go to a passage menú and returning from it. But whenever I do, the macros that already have taken actions take action once more. What can I do to solve this situation?

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Ah, yeah, that can be a problem with that method.

The simplest way to fix that is to first add something like the following to your JavaScript section:

// Fresh is true if you didn't come from a passage with a "menu" tag
window.Fresh = function () {
	return !tags(previous()).includes('menu');

Next, just wrap any code which triggers macros or code that you don't want re-triggered when you come back to the passage inside the following code:

<<if Fresh()>>(code you want to only trigger once)<</if>>

Now that code will only get triggered if you come from a passage that doesn't have a "menu" tag.  This will likely require modifying multiple passages, but I don't think that there's a solution which doesn't require that.

Hope that helps!  :-)

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Thank you veeeeery much. Merry Christmas.