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I am using Sugar Cube 2 and I would like to delete the ui and add my own custom history controls with custom images that do the same thing as the old history controls.

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You can use the StoryInterface passage to replace the default SugarCube UI.  You might want to update to the current version of SugarCube, since v2.28.0 introduced some features to make that easier (see here if you need help installing it).

You could use Engine.backward() and Engine.forward() to control going forwards and backwards.  You can also use State.length and State.size to determine the player's current position in the history.

Adding custom clickable images is actually the easy part.  See the "Image" section of the SugarCube documentation or take a look at some image sample code here (click "Jump to Start" on the UI bar to see other sample code there).

Hope that helps!  :-)