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I'm using Twine 2.2.1, Sugarcube 2.21.0, and w3.css.

I am writing a widget called <<speak>> to display a character's image with their dialog next to it.  I already have widgets predefined such as <<friend>> and <<foe>> which display the appropriate image, but am struggling to pass that character widget name into <<speak>>.

For example, I would like to use <<speak "foe" "You shall die!>> to render a picture of the Foe (using the <<foe>> widget) with the words "You shall die!" next to it.

Here is my <<foe>> widget (which works perfectly by itself):

<<widget "foe">><img data-passage=foeImage alt="Foe" class="w3-animate-zoom w3-padding-small hvr-float img-float-left"><</widget>>

Here is my <<speak>> widget (which currently does not display the image, just the dialog text):

<<widget "speak">>
  <<if $args[0]>>
	<div class="w3-row">
	  <div class="w3-col" style="width:100px">
		<<$args[0]>> /* display the image using a pre-defined widget*/
	  <div class="w3-rest">
		<p><<print $args[1]>></p> /* display the dialog */

My widget, as written, displays the following on the screen:

<<foe>> You shall die!

I would kindly accept any help anyone can offer.

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You have to pass "<<foe>>" instead of "foe" then use <<print>>:

<<print $args[0]>>

You don't have to use print to display $args[1] though.

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Super!  Thank you for the quick response!