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Several Uninstalls and Re installs later i still get the same error in the debug.txt

[1229/032516.434:ERROR:http_transport_win.cc(170)] WinHttpCrackUrl: The URL does not use a recognized protocol  (0x2ee6)

No idea whats going on here, it just stopped opening the other day.

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I have not experienced this issue myself but a quick google of the error message lead me to this post on the NW.js (*) repository. The suggestion given in the last comment by Christywl may solve your problem, although in your case...

1. Locate the Twine sub-folder within your ...\AppData\Local folder.

2. Rename the Twine sub-folder to something else like Twine.OLD instead of deleting it, in case something goes wrong in which case you can change the sub-folder's name back to Twine.

(*) The NW.js framework is used to create the install-able release of Twine 2 application.

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Thank you! I had a similar problem on mac (trying to start twine up but it just showed a blank screen for a few seconds and then closed itself) and this fixed my problem.

The mac equivalent for ...\AppData\Local folder is ~/Library/Application Support/
(I'm just mentioning it because I didn't know it myself, had to look it up.).