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I am making a puzzle themed rpg in Harlowe 1.2.4, and in one of my puzzles, we have a bookshelf with several books on it that need to be pulled out in the right order.

The shelf is crammed full of well-worn, leather volumes. A few that stand out to you are:

[[Arcana for Dummies->stuckbook]], [[Jokes for the Starting Genie->stuckbook]], 
[[Bestiary Days of Your Life->stuckbook]], [[Killing Spells->stuckbook]], 
[[Cavern Cartography->stuckbook]], [[Lizard Beard Care 101->stuckbook]], 
[[Dragon Care and Feeding->book1]], [[Monologuing Basics from the Masters->stuckbook]], 
[[Elvish Lives->stuckbook]], [[Nosy Bee People and How To Destroy Them->stuckbook]], 
[[Finding Mojo->stuckbook]], [[Piranha Training for Dummies->stuckbook]], 
[[Grimoire Than Meets the Eye->stuckbook]], [[Quick Spells for When You’re in a Pinch->book2]], [[Hex Dex Vol. II->stuckbook]],
 [[Snake People, the Hidden Dangers->stuckbook]], [[Invocational Training->stuckbook]], [[Tips and Tricks for the Best Pizza->stuckbook]], 
[[Oh the Curses You’ll Give->stuckbook]], [[Xerxes: Real or Legend->stuckbook]], [[Your First 100 Runes->stuckbook]], 
[[Real Cheeses of The Multirealms->stuckbook]], [[Zen and the Art of Scrying->stuckbook]], [[Underlying Legends, a Novel->book3]], 
[[Wu Garmadon: Tales of a Samurai->stuckbook]], and [[Veal Parmesan and Other Veal Vecipes->stuckbook]].

So most of the links go to one page (stuckbook), where it resets your work and you have to start again on the code. But when you click one of the links, they all go purple except for the answers to the code.

Is there a way to fix this?

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You can try putting something like this in your style sheet: 

.visited { color: #4169E1; }
.visited:hover { color: DeepSkyBlue; }

Harlowe adds the .visited class to markup links ( [[]] ) and to (link-goto:) links that point to passages that exist in the history. Note that this will override the color of the visited links in other passages too. 

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I am a Twine noob, but I just wanted to point out the dumbest way to solve the problem, in case you hadn't already considered and dismissed it.

The brute force way to do this would be to create a different "stuckbook" passage for each wrong choice.  You could paste the same text into each one.  That would have the advantage of indicating to the player which books they'd already tried.