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Say I named a character Carl. Is it possible to somehow select all instances of 'Carl' and change them to 'Dave'? In the actual passage box, not in game.

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If you look on the menu bar at the bottom of the main node editor window for your game you'll see "QuickFind".  Click the "Dialog" icon just to the right of that, and that will take you to the "Find and Replace" dialog window which you can use to replace "Carl" with "Dave".  I'd recommend enabling "Match case" before doing "Replace All".

Hope that helps!  :-)
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You could also use a Story Variable to store the character's name in and then use that variable in your passages whenever you need to display that name. This would allow you (or the player) to quickly change the Name of that character thoughout your project.

How exactly to do that assignment and displaying depends on the Story Format you are using.