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So, I'm really new to Twine and typically just copy-and-paste macro uses from the Twine 2 Neocities website when I need to use code. Saving games to cookies, putting information into datamaps, including images - that, I've got the hang of.
My problem is that, though I know how to upload fonts from Google Fonts into my story, I want to know if it's possible to upload a font I've downloaded onto my computer so that whoever plays the game can see it instead of a default font like Times New Roman or Georgia.
The font I'm hoping to upload is Lunchtime Doubly So.

If anyone knows a way I could do this, that'd be great! smiley

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You might want to take a look at this tutorial: http://www.philome.la/vatavian/import-and-embed-fonts-in-twine
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Okay, thanks!
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