The Scratch Folder

This page only applies to app Twine.

When you choose to test, play, or proof a Twine story, app Twine creates a file and opens it in your web browser. This file is created in your scratch folder. By default, this is a folder named Scratch inside your Twine folder.

When you quit app Twine, it cleans up your scratch folder, deleting files that are more than three days old. (This delay is so that you can continue to view your work after quitting Twine, and in an emergency, potentially recover your work.) However, you can delete files in the scratch folder on your own. Files in the scratch folder are only meant to be used for viewing your work in a browser. Twine will never put anything in the scratch folder that isn't meant to be short-lived.

Twine's Scratch folder behavior can customized using command-line switches.