Testing a Story

While you're editing a story, you can see a preview of what it will look like in published form by testing it. When testing a story, many story formats will show additional information to help you debug problems. You should look at the documentation for the story format you're using for more information on what is available during testing mode.

Testing a story in browser Twine will open a new browser tab with the story. App Twine will open the story in your default web browser. You can test a story multiple times at once.

Testing a Story From the Beginning

You can test a story from its start passage from either the Story Library or Story Map screen.

  • In the Story Library screen, select the story, then choose Test from the Build top toolbar tab.
  • In the Story Map screen, choose Test from the Build top toolbar tab.

Testing a Story From a Specific Passage

You can temporarily override a story's start passage to fine-tune a specific part of your story. But keep in mind that this makes your story act as though the passage you've chosen is truly its first. If there is setup work done in your story's start passage, your story may not behave correctly if you test from a later point.

You can only test from a specific passage in the Story Map screen. Select a passage card, then choose Test From Here from the Passage top toolbar tab.