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My Twine archive

edited January 2014 in Chit-Chat
This is a 7z archive of over 1200 Twine games. This project of mine began as a way to make backup copies of every extant Twine game out there - to give Twine the archive and future security that HyperCard did not. It was inspired by TwineHub, but wasn't intended as a replacement - but now that I've made a list of all the games in the archive, it's sort of covering all the ground it used to.

Anyway, the point is that I'm trying to gather every free, public, complete, final-version Twine game on the web. If you can link any missing ones (not ones that are unfinished or unreleased) then do tell.

Also (and probably more importantly) if I listed authors' names incorrectly, or used multiple names, or such, then I await all corrections.
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