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Dedicated Twine Folder on

Just thought I'd let the group over here know that there's been some discussion (  as to whether the Twine community should have its own dedicated Authoring sub-forum where people can post their questions, comments, concerns, etc.

Basically the consensus was that it won't happen until enough of the Twine community is interested.

I personally like the idea--it will help keep all the Twine info in one place which will help new users as well as people skimming through. I think it will also help open Twine up more to the general IF community. Then again, I don't know how many dedicated Twine users want to poke around over there and help answer questions and such.

Feel free to post here for yeas, nays, arguments, etc. 

EDIT: Here's a link to intfiction's forum:


  • While I like the idea of more recognition for Twine in the IF community, in my opinion, centralizing online discourse in the official forums here on was a great way to assist the Twine community. My apologies to cvaneseltine who started the thread, to which you linked, clear back in October.

    I posted the notice over there, "Twine 1.4 Out, New Twine Forum," on Dec. 17. Since then, Mostly Useless posted a thread in which I invited him here. The last post on it was Dec. 24. That's it as far as new threads about Twine go.

    In my opinion, we're too small a number to spread thinner. I'd personally just rather everyone come here.

    [quote]I personally like the idea--it will help keep all the Twine info in one place which will help new users as well as people skimming through.

    It's been my experience that it will keep niche threads out of the spotlight of a larger audience. It will keep them confined in that little subforum over there for the different people where other people rarely visit.

    Take an automotive forum for American muscle cars for example. There will be a subforum somewhere for Import cars. It will have relatively few views and few threads. Some of the forum regulars won't even know it's there. Anytime someone interested in Import cars posts a thread in the main forums, that thread will get moved to the Import subforum and doomed to almost never be seen.

    Also, like I say, I personally would rather just funnel new members and potential new members to the official forums here where the is a welcoming audience.

    Just my opinion. Regardless, the motion died back in October, so I think that provides evidence of a lack of interest.

    By the way, why is that Quest guy so hostile in every thread I stumble upon over there?
  • Re: The Quest guy

    It's always been my impression, going way back even to the days when the Usenet group was active, that Alex has always sincerely believed Quest to be the best possible system, superior to all others due to Graphical Interface, and has never quite understood why it has not been universally adopted as the One True Authoring Platform. He has also always been puzzled that some people do not use the One True Operating System (Microsoft Windows). Or that there are people who dislike authoring with graphical interfaces, or who have difficulty using such interfaces.

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