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How to resize images?

for example:


how do i put this in my game but in a specific size? i want to resize the image to something smaller.


  • An easy solution would be to resize your image before importing it in Twine.

    If it's not possible, then I think this should work (assuming you use Twine 1.4.1):
    <img src="" width="400px" height="300px">
    Or maybe without the "px" in each size? I can't remember.
  • Imported images, though, don't seem to allow for HTML resizing (or anything else), as far as I could get it to work. Very well could have been doing something wrong, though.
  • One way is to achieve this is:

    1. Wrap the image link within your passage using a span tag with a class. (use whatever class name you like)

    <span class="smaller">
    2. Resize the image using some css.
    span.smaller > img {
    width: 50px;
    Hope that helps.
  • thank you ^^ going to try it out
  • You can use online site for image resize, then upload resized image.
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